Collection: B Taper

Operation Sequence

Ensure straight line access to the canal orifice.

  1. With a viscous chelator like ProLube® Root Canal Conditioner:

    • Scout coronal 2/3 using 10# and 15# hand files.
    • Gently work until a smooth glide path is confirmed.
    • Optionally, use ET Files after a 10# hand file.
  2. In the presence of NaOCl:

    • Float S1 in the canal, following the glide path.
    • Brush dentin laterally to enhance access and progression.
    • Brush away from the furcation.
  3. Continue shaping with S1 until 15# hand file depth is reached.

    • Use S2 following the same method.
  4. Scout apical 1/3 with 10# and 15# hand files in chelator or NaOCl.

    • Establish working length and confirm patency.
  5. Use S1 and S2 with brushing action to working length.

    • Reconfirm working length, irrigate, recapitulate, and re-irrigate.
  6. Use Finishing File F1 without brushing until working length.

    • Avoid leaving the file at working length for more than one second.
  7. Gauge foramen with a 20# hand file:

    • Snug indicates readiness for obturation.
    • If loose, proceed with F2, F3, F4, and F5 files.
  8. Use SX with brushing motion if needed to shape coronal aspect or shorter roots.

Basic Information

Material: NiTi

Sterilization: ≤126°C

Package: 6 pcs per box/blister  Assorted/single size

1800 packings per cartoon 48cm*40cm*35cm

Color: Gold

Length (Optional): 21mm/25mm/31mm 

Standard: CE/ISO/FDA/FSC