Collection: MG3

The Incomparable Cross-section Design

    Three advantages in cross section:

  • Improve the sharpness and cutting force effectively

  • Better bending and operation

  • Clean up debris more thoroughly

Special Design in Apical


  • 2 main cutting-edge designs of engine use NiTi equipment.

  • The unique apical design, which is non-cutting function but supervise and guide the device, reducing the risk of steps
    and fracture. It is helpful for maintaining the original form of root canal.

  1. Use #10 or #15 K files until the working length has been achieved. Irrigate thoroughly with sodium hypochlorite.

  2. Glide path preparation with instrument P1, P2 for curved canal if necessary.

  3. Dentine removal and shaping with instrument sizes G1 and G2.

  4. Choosing the G3 size for large canal. Use of EDTA cream is recommended during treatment.

  5. Your Better Options

    • Starter, P1, P2 for preparation, G1, G2, G3 three files to complete root canal treatment. The micro-cracks and debris will be produced on the surface of instrument during the cutting process, and the surface micro-cracks is one of the main reasons for the fracture of NiTi instruments.

    • To create a functional coating in the instrument surface by using physical and chemical processes in the gas phase.
      The primary purpose of the surface treatment is to increase the nitrogen atoms on the metal surface to form a nitrided surface.

    • With better surface hardness, stronger fracture resistance, higher cutting efficiency, it will not easy to produce micro-cracks after reusing.

    Operating Cases