Collection: Retreaty Kit

Nowadays retreatment therapies are increasing compare to primary treatment. That’s why we decided to create a specific kit to perform endodontic disassembling in a minimal invasive way following Style-italiano Endodontics philosophy.

First, we have to empty the root canal system in a crown-down approach and when the disassembling has been completed we will shape the canals respecting the anatomy with conservative taper shaping files. 5 instruments and 3 different alloys, BULL (designed to remove the old obturation materials SKINNY designed to create the glide path to the terminus) SHAPY 1-2-3 (to finalise the preparation).


1) Review different horizontally angulated radiographs to diagnostically determine the width,  length, and curvature of any given root and its canal(s).

2) Prepare an access that enables the easy identification of each canal orifice.

3) Introduce Bull -Y at the orifice level in touch with gutta-percha in clockwise or in reciprocating  motion setting in this case angles 30° anticlockwise/150° clockwise. Remove Guttapercha at  orifice and third coronal level without pushing if a passive penetration is not reached.

4) Introduce Skinn - Y at mid level of the root canal system removing Guttapercha making the  instrument advance of 1-3 mm with gentle movements in and out the root canal.

  5) Use a k file for measuring electronically the working length and reaching patency in passive  way.

6) Intruduce Shap-Y1 at the working length followed by Shap -Y2 and Shap-Y3 for adjusting the  final shaping size.


The products are indicated for retreatment and treatment of endodontic disease made by  qualified dental professionals such as general practitioners as well as Endo specialists.


1) Frequently clean the spires.
2) Frequently check for distortions or wear of the file.
3) Irrigate frequently and abundantly.
4) Follow the advised settings RPM - Torque.
5) Start the procedure after scouting.
6) Work with plenty of irrigant into the root canal. 
7) Apply a soft pressure to the instrument and use movements of picking or brushing.